Patchwork Mink + Sheared Beaver Fur Coat

Patchwork Mink + Sheared Beaver Fur Coat



For this capsule collection, we decided to collaborate with local fur artist, Dominique Ouzilleau.

Recognized in Quebec and internationally, he collaborated with major designers such as Féraud, Lagerfeld, Chanel, Lacroix, Givenchy, Fendi. Throughout the years, the great fashion houses saught his expertise to explore new approaches to the design of their furs.

As a third generation family of furriers, Dominique Ouzilleau has been researching, experimenting and creating unique techniques to refine his craft for 30 years. He specializes in the repurposing of pelts, skins and hides, being a fervent believer that the future of fur lies in its recycling.

Undeniably, Dominique Ouzilleau elevates “FURCYCLING” to an art form.

Delicately assembled, this Earth-toned patchwork with a face-framing collar is ideal to elevate any outfit. Finished with two pockets, a satin lining and a zip closure.

Fur: Mink + Sheared Beaver 

Made in Canada

Size Small/Medium

Colour: Hues of beige

Shoulder-to-shoulder: 18"

Bust: 34"

Length: 26"

Sleeves: 23.5"